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Operational efficiency in sales & people performance through automation / personalization / data intelligence


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Digital retail for high growth entrepreneurs. Enabling businesses deliver excellent commerce experience online or in-store.
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Easy-to-implement cost control automation solution that removes the need for manual invoice capture and validation, payables processing. pBot is auguementing your finance team with intelligence
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Accelerate your journey to a digital commerce. Mulaa Analytics Digital Transformation practices through our global delivery model enables your B2B strategy to fully operational digital commerce experience for your partners and clients. From supplier portals to field sales management, claims and expense management. Reduce operational distribution cost, increase revenue potential
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Streamline repetitive tasks with our  process automation solutions powered by AI for 5x efficiency and free employees for enhanced productivity. Excel automation, automated data extraction web browser automation and report generation, etc
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Make critical business decisions from insights backed by your data. Mulaa offer data visualisation and analytics services that enable you deliver value to improve business outcomes. From data mining, spend analytics, to sentiment reporting, etc
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Digital Transformation implementation & partnerships for enterprise growth
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About Us

Providing high-impact data intelligence and automation solutions for efficient business growth
Mulaa Analytics is an intelligence company We simplify and drive key growth metrics through process automation, data analytics and personalization. Ultimately enabling businesses achieve sales and people efficiency with technology.
Our global delivery model guarantees best-in-class solution partners available to implement the right solution critical to your growth.


We can work together, side-by-side as your technology partner to get you solutions that optimize your process for sales and people efficiency
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